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My name is Rishard Lampese. I'm a professional musician who also enjoys graphic design. I've been successfully publishing unique, graphic designs for websites and individuals, in the form of navigation buttons, headers, custom logos etc, since 2001. I find it relaxing work and I enjoy it. My designs are all custom crafted and built from the ground up according to whatever desires are expressed to me by my customer. The best way to explain the quality of my work is to just show you. Below are a few examples of some of the work I've done:

Port Jazz 747 Orchestra iDriveInMovie

Brookhaven Opticians SCUINC REESHO

Parties With Pizazz Ground Zero Food HowlAndWoof

As you might have gathered by visiting the websites above, I like to create custom graphic designs. Each of my designs is a unique piece of work. No two of my builds look alike. So if you want something that you know no one else will have, something that is not contained in any collection of online templates etc., then I can give that to you. Contact me for more details about what I can for you!

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